With the release of the Friends update, Players now receive a RocketID number that consists of a name plus a 4-digit number. (like JawBreaker#6694)  This number is randomly assigned when you change your RocketID name. It is trending to have a cool 4 digit number which I introduce RocketID Farming.

You can change your RocketID Name every 60 seconds. After your name change, you get a new random 4 digit number. I've created the RocketID # Tiers to show the top combination digits that YOU could get!

For example, #0001 is the top tier and the best number you can get!

Here's how to Farm:

  1. Change your RocketID name to something different (like JawBreaker1. This name will be temporary)
  2. Press "Start" on the ROCKETID # TIMER above and turn on Sound. It will continuously count down 60 seconds and make a sound at the end of 60 seconds
  3. At the end of 60 seconds, Change your name back to your desired RocketID Name. (like JawBreaker) Hopefully you get an awesome #!
  4. If you do not like the 4 digit RocketID #, repeat step 1. If you got a high tiered number, KEEP IT! Or try your luck at getting those top digits!

TIP: You can change your RocketID Name while at the start menu or in a round!

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History of JawBreaker's Crate Theory

I started opening crates on day one when they were first released on September 8, 2016. The obsession with opening crates was immediate and quickly became a hobby of mine. Although an expensive hobby, it was something fun to do in a game I had already loved.

I continued to open RL Crates, usually in bulk at a time, to see what cool things I could get and showoff in game. Then one day, I was opening crates in between games. I would open 5-6 crates while I was searching for a game and I would hit some great items. Black market decal here... painted exotic there... But what was interesting was that I noted the time. I thought to myself that I would do some testing to see if there could possibly be some kind of advantage opening crates at a certain time.

Through my non-scientific testing, I absolutely noticed a trend of opening higher valued items around the xx:x9:00 - xx:10:59 mark. In addition to getting these higher valued items, I found what I called a "Pocket".  If I got 2 high valued items in a row (import, exotics, bmd, etc...) I would attempt a trade up of 5 imports for an exotic. What I found was that I was getting a high percentage chance of getting a painted exotic during this situation.

Over the next few months, I was buying import bodies in bulk for an overpay of 1 key an import. I had people flooding to sell me their imports thinking I was crazy for the over pay. I continued to use my newly found theory to open over 70 painted exotic wheels. I had so much inventory I had to bring on a full time trader to help me sell all the high valued items. I made 100s of keys in profits even while paying the trader to offload my inventory.

Starting in December 2016, after the CC4 update dropped, I felt like Psyonix made a change to their trade up system. I was not hitting painted exotics in my trade ups like I was before. After numerous testing, I determined that the "pocket" was no longer there for trade ups, BUT I did continue to get great things during the 9-10 minute marks.

I decided to go public with my story in January 2017 detailing my theory in a reddit post. Luckily, my trader recommended that I start recording my findings so I had video evidence of my theory. I was able to provide detailed lists of a lot of the items that my trader sold for me, including prices as well as over 50 videos showing my theory working.

I decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to the theory to help the community get better things in crates. Since finding my theory, I've opened 100s of black market decals, painted exotics, and painted imports. I don't go day without someone commenting how my theory worked for them.

This website is to help those who want to open crates, open them at the time of my theory. The timer will make a notification alert sound at 15 seconds remaining (turn sound on), alert sounds that count down the last 5 seconds, and finally a sound for when to start and when to stop. The timer then starts all over again.  You can keep the page open in the background and you can hear the sounds in game.